Who Wore It Best? Jersey #8

In celebration of the new year 2021, Petes fans are called to cast their vote to decide which Petes best represents their respective jersey number from 1 – 21.  The top four players to wear each number will be showcased every day for 20 consecutive days and Petes fans will vote for who they believe wore it best!

Tie Domi played for the Petes from 1986-89 suiting up with Dallas Eakins, Head Coach Rob Wilson and Luke Richardson. Everyone knows him as one of the scrappiest Leafs of all-time but this guy had 292 penalty minutes in his 1987-88 season alone. He was drafted to Toronto in 1988 and went on to become one of the franchise’s marquees players.

Stan ‘Bulldog’ Jonathan‘s teammates had nothing to fear when he was on the ice. As a rookie, he led all NHL players in shooting percentage, putting goals in at a clip of 23.9%. He exemplified everything Boston loves in a hockey player – amazing offence and unmatched toughness.

Steve Larmer is one of the greatest hockey players of all-time and deserves to be in the Hockey Hall of Fame. He played his rookie OHA season with the Petes in 1977-78, completed his junior hockey career with the Niagara Falls Flyers, and then became one of the Chicago Blackhawks’ most successful player of all-time. He is number 3 on the NHL Ironman list (played 884 consecutive games in a row) and he played with Wayne Gretzky on Team Canada in the Canada Cup in 1991.

Speaking of Wayne Gretzky, we understand he only played three games for the Petes and yes, he wore a different jersey number at each game, but he is The Great One. Everyone knows his records, we have no choice but to include him.

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Please note:

* Predetermined players that fans are voting on have been selected from 1956 – 2019 (2019 is the player’s final season with the Petes).

* Many of these players have worn multiple jersey numbers while playing for the Petes, these players will not show up to be voted on for each number they have worn. They will only show up and be made available to vote for on one of their Petes jersey numbers.

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