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Future Petes presented by Pat McAuley Group of Realtors

The Petes invite your group a chance to live a day in the life of a Petes player!

With the Future Petes Program your group receives:

  • 200 tickets in the lower bowl

  • 1 hour of PMC ice

  • Player introductions

  • Personalized goal songs

  • Intermission interview for each team

  • Name bars for the dressing room

  • Group welcome


Pre-game ceremonial flag team presented by Imprinted Apparel 

Get your minor hockey team on the ice for the opening ceremony!

With the Flag Team your team receives:

  • 50 tickets to the game

  • Dressing room for team

  • Team introduction when carrying the flag out

  • Holding the Petes, Canada or American flag for opening ceremony


Intermission Scrimmage

Have your U7 (or below) aged team play an inter-squad scrimmage during the intermission!

With an intermission scrimmage you receive:

  • 100 tickets to the game

  • Dressing room for the team

  • Team introduction as they hit the ice

  • 5 minute scrimmage during an intermission


High-Five Alley 

Have your group get the Petes Pumped up as they hit the ice!

(Maximum of 20 people in the Alley)

With high five alley you receive:

  • 30 tickets to the game

  • Access to one side of the hallway where the players enter onto the ice

  • High five/fist bump the players as they hit the ice

  • Group welcome


Bench Buddies 

Watch the Petes warm up from the best seats in the house, the Petes Bench!

(maximum of 20 people on the bench)

With bench buddies your team receives:

  • 50 tickets to the game

  • Watch Warm up from the Petes bench

  • Photo of the group on the bench

  • Group welcome


Flag Skater

Get a lap on the PMC and hangout with the starting line up on the blue line!

With the Flag skater experience you receive:

  • 20 tickets to the game

  • Get to do a lap around the ice with the Petes flag

  • Stand with the Petes flag at the door as the players hit the ice

  • Stand on the blue line with the starting line up for the opening ceremony

  • Group welcome

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