Petes President Dave Pogue Named Peterborough’s Sixth Most Influential by This Week

Petes President Dave Pogue has been named Peterborough’s sixth most influential person in recognition of his work with the hockey club and for Peterborough.

Dave, who joined the Petes Board of Directors as Vice President in January, 2013, was named President in April, 2016. He brings an extended career in business, real estate management, marketing, promotions and communications to the board.

Peterborough This Week had this to say about Pogue’s standing in the community:

“Dave Pogue turned tragedy into a positive in 2014 when he launched Team55 Let’s Tackle Suicide Awareness campaign. The initiative came two months after his 23-year-old son Mitchell Pogue ended his life.”

“The campaign is still going strong raising awareness and money for suicide in the city. An Evening With Michael Landsberg and Friends and Friday Night Lights were the biggest fundraisers in 2016, but countless fundraisers are held throughout the year where money is donated to help the Canadian Mental Health Association run suicide awareness and prevention programs in the community.”

“Pogue, named Peterborough Petes president in 2016, has spearheaded much-needed change within the organization. He introduced a town mall meeting so fans could better understand team operations and led negotiations with the city to get a better arena deal at the Memorial Centre. The relationship between the Petes and the city are the best they have been in years with Pogue at the helm.”

Click here to read about the other community members that round out the 20 most influential people in the Liftlock City.

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